Oscar winner Kevin Spacey has been cleared of nine charges of sexual assault, indecent assault and forcing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity, after a jury found him not guilt in a U.K trial. The actor was on trial after four men accused him of violating boundaries and sexual assault. The first complainant recalled being groped by the ‘House Of Cards’ actor at Old Vic Theatre where he was creative director. Spacey denied the almost-accident and provided evidence that contradicted the time and place the victim had quoted.

The second survivor accused Spacey of making numerous sexually aggressive comments at a charity event in 2005, before pinning him against the wall. Kevin had denied ever meeting the man at the event.

The third survivor accused Kevin Spacey of raping him in 2008, when he ended up at the actor’s apartment in London where he fell asleep, and woke up to the actor giving him oral sex. Kevin denied these charges too and presented telephone records which contradicted the man’s accusation.


The fourth survivor accused Kevin of sexual assault by recalling meeting him at a party in Gloucestershire. Spacey’s defense team called the encounter a “drunken clumsy pass”, and said he had later apologised for his actions.

The judge has dismissed all of the charges.

In October 2022 the actor won a $40 million lawsuit brought in by actor Anthony Rapp, who had accused the Oscar winner of sexual battery, but a judge dismissed the complaint.