Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) leader, Moonis Elahi has said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has assured his father, Chief Minister (CM) Punjab, Pervaiz Elahi, that he would share whatever information he gets with the CM first, reports Dawn.

Offering details on his father’s meeting with Khan, Moonis said, “Instead of any ill feelings, they have become best of friends today.”

Pervaiz Elahi assured Imran Khan that the former prime minister was his leader and he would stand by him. “Our alliance is stronger than before,” Moonis asserted.


It was reported in the media that Khan on Monday expressed distrust in Elahi, saying allegations of corruption worth billions against the PML-Q leader were affecting his popularity.

According to the news report, Khan in a meeting with the party’s senior leaders said, “I cannot bear to have such allegations against my coalition government in Punjab.”

Reports said that the former premier insisted that all PTI legislators in the Punjab Assembly should persuade Elahi to take a vote of confidence and dissolve the assembly.

According to media reports, Khan and his party leaders were trying to convince Elahi to take the trust vote before the next hearing at the Lahore High Court on January 11.