Khursheed Shah of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has hinted at the caretaker government colluding with Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), stating that Prime Minister house is currently in the hands of party that was previously in power.

“The government will not work if someone is forcefully imposed on us to rule. If the (prime minister) is selected, then the country will only suffer,” said Shah while speaking to media persons in Lahore.

Shah mentioned that PML-N is teaming up with MQM-P for the elections, while highlighting that PPP is running independently.


“The people of Punjab had shown their trust in PPP in the past,” said Shah, adding if there are any ‘punctures’ in the elections, then there will be a lot of damage. 

“There is no interference during the voting process around the world,” he said while calling for the restoration of democracy through voting in Pakistan. 

Reiterating his party’s stance on level-playing field, the PPP leader wondered how can the parties have equal opportunities during the upcoming general elections when there are PML-N leaders in the incumbent caretaker government.