Desi mothers-in-law have to be impressed by prospective bahus, and being a Bollywood A-list actress won’t spare you from the ordeal.

While doing press rounds for promoting her film ‘Satyaprem Ki Katha’, Kiara Advani told Mirchi Puls about how she bonded with her mother-in-law, Sidharth Malhotra’s mother, with the help of an unusual dish.

Advani, well known for her love of pani-puri, known in Pakistan as gol gappay, said that she learned how to make the dish for the first day she visited Mumbai:


 “Of course. Meri mother-in-law jo hain, unko pani puri itna pasand hai! Woh abhi humare saath reh rahi hain, Mumbai mein aayi hui hain Delhi se. So, on her first day, mujhe pata hai ki unko pani puri kitna pasand hai, I said aaj ghar mein hum pani puri banayenge. Jo maska lagaya… I knew she will love me to another level. She was so happy.”

Sidharth and Kiara, who starred together in ‘Shershaah’ in 2021, got married in February in a star-studded wedding with celebrities like Karan Johar, Juhi Chawla and Shahid Kapoor in attendance. In a previous interview, Advani spoke about how happy she was in her bride era, and called Sidharth her home:

“I got married recently, and it was a love marriage. So naturally, I believe in true love. A home is made by two people and I feel incredibly lucky that my partner, the man I have chosen, my husband is also my best friend. He is my everything, my home. Wherever I am, he is my family, my home.”