Kinza Hashmi chose Ranjha Ranjha Kardi actor Imran Ashraf over Thora Sa Haq actor, Imran Abbas on a chat show.

The Gul-o-Gulzaar actress recently appeared on the Mazedaar Show hosted by Faizan Sheikh and Aadi Adeal, Faizan asked her to choose between Imran Abbas and Imran Ashraf and she said: “Imran Abbas is a very good human being but I will choose Imran Ashraf.” She gave a reason for her answer, claiming that Imran Ashraf is her friend.

She also shared her views on the institution of marriage that marriage is not the only purpose of life.


The 27-year-old actress delving into details about tying the knot was quick to call marrying just a chapter in life on the show.

“Marriage is just a part of life,” Hashmi said when asked about her opinion. “It’s not the sole purpose of our lives.

“Get married when you feel that you need a life partner and you actually want someone in your life,” she added.

Aadi also asked her preference on being married and being single. Kinza said that she prefers to be single than being married.

Lately, celebrity marriages and separations have been the talk of the town. While multiple star couples made it official or married, many called it quits.

Earlier this month, Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai created a furor with her stance on matrimony as she questioned the need to get married.