On Wednesday, the Prime Minister’s Strategic Reforms Implementation Unit (SRIU) directed Pakistan Railways to tighten security protocols for the safety of ladies travelling by train, after a woman was gang raped by train staff while travelling from Multan to Karachi.

The following measures are being taken:
Safar Saheeli App

For the guidance of female passengers, a ‘Safar Saheli’ mobile app will be launched. It will have emergency phone numbers for women to call if they are in trouble.

Lady Railway Police Force (LRPF) 

SRIU has also directed Pakistan railways to deploy a Lady Railway Police Force (LRPF) in trains to ensure the safety of female passengers. A lady sub-inspector and two lady constables will be deployed at the railway stations for long journeys. 


Emergency ‘SOS’ buttons to be installed in all trains

On addition, SOS buttons will be installed in all trains to allow women to request assistance in the event of sexual harassment or a rape attempt.

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Video Surveillance System (VSS) to be installed at vulnerable locations:

Video Surveillance System (VSS) will be installed at ‘vulnerable railway stations’. In addition, two CCTV cameras, one in each bogie and corridor will be installed.

Face Recognition Camera (FRS) App

A Face Recognition Camera (FRS) App would also be created to track down criminals and check their criminal history.

On May 27, a woman was gang-raped by train workers while travelling from Multan to Karachi on the Bahauddin Zakariya Express. According to details, the victim was raped by three men.