Lahore Police has recently revealed performance statistics on eliminating crime during the first three months of 2022.

According to Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Lahore Additional IG Fayyaz Ahmad Dev, the first three months of the current year were peaceful in terms of overall law, order and security.

He stated that the Lahore Police Department has applied advanced operational techniques, effective modalities, and systemic reforms to help bolster its force’s capacity to limit violence and preserve tranquility in the city.


Performance Statistics

Lahore Police detained 648 wanted members of 253 dacoit gangs and recovered cash and precious items valued at more than Rs27 crore.

From the criminals, police recovered nearly 70 vehicles, 1,123 motorcycles, 14 laptops, and 843 cell phones. During the city’s big anti-illegal weapons operation, Lahore Police detained 1,214 criminals and registered 1,207 cases against them. From these criminals, police confiscated 05 Kalashnikovs, 90 rifles, 41 guns, 1,007 pistols, 01 carbine, 07 revolvers, and over 6,000 bullets.

During the last three months, police arrested 1,973 criminals, filed 1,939 FIRs against them, and recovered more than 19 kg heroin, 843 kg charas, three kg ice, 50 kg opium, and 13,815 liters of liquor from them.

Likewise, the Lahore Police Department nabbed 1,119 gambling suspects and filed 237 cases against them, collecting more than Rs23 lakh 69 thousand in gambling money. Moreover, the Punjab Police is aggressively chasing violators of the tenancy registration, displaying weapons, and violation of the Loudspeaker Act throughout Punjab. There were 1,117 incidents of exhibiting firearms, 4,795 cases of illegal possession of arms, and 624 licenses cancelled.

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According to a Punjab Police spokesperson, 882 cases of tenancy law violations were reported in the metropolis, with 1,233 people arrested. Similarly, 304 cases of violation of the Loudspeaker Act were registered, 310 individuals were arrested, and 1,203 cases of exhibiting and carrying illegal weapons were registered, with stern legal action being taken.

Special squads have been created on the orders of IG Punjab Rao Sardar Ali Khan to apprehend the culprits, while the effectiveness of the Anti-Riot Force, Dolphin Squad, and Police Response Unit has also been improved. The Commander of Lahore Police is closely watching the productivity of police officers in order to meet crime-control objectives.