The Scarsdale International School in Lahore has suspended five female students on Tuesday including the four accused of torture.

In a report, Geo news has revealed that a three-person investigating committee was established by the administration to look into the case.

The investigative committee has been asked to conduct the inquiry within 10 days and submit the report.


“Action will be taken against those responsible in light of the investigation carried out by the committee,” said the administration.


After a video of the girls hitting the victim went viral on social media on January 21, the police filed a first information report (FIR) against the accused under sections 337A I 354, and 379 of the PPC.

The FIR was filed by the victim’s father, Imran Younas. In the FIR, he claimed that his daughter’s classmate was a drug addict who wished for his daughter to work for her.

One of the girls allegedly also possessed a dagger, according to the FIR. In addition, the victim’s father said that the suspects stole his daughter’s gold chain and a locket while they were attacking her.