It’s been a year since the demise of senior journalist Arshad Sharif who was killed in Kenya. The culprits, however, are still at large and the family awaits justice.

The investigation so far has been futile. According to a Kenyan investigative journalist Nyaboga Kiage, five policemen involved in the case were initially suspended and have now resumed their duties without facing any liability. Two of them have been promoted. 

Sharif’s death made headlines across the globe. On his first death anniversary, his family and colleagues are remembering him and pressing hard for justice. Journalism organisations are holding prayer ceremonies in his honour, where well-wishers are paying their respects and reflecting on the impact he had on the field.


Sharif’s wife Javeria Siddique remembers the last twelve months as “last year took away my life”. She stated the struggles she is going through to get justice.

Sharif’s former boss Salman Iqbal recalled his last conversation with the late journalist, saying, “bhai we are here to make this world a better place and we shall do what we were created for.”

Fellow journalist Murtaza Ali Shah tweeted, “One year after assassination in Kenya, no justice for Arshad Sharif. Cops involved in firing bullets at him are back to their work.”

Journalist Jameel Farouqi remembered him as a “big brother” and appreciated Sharif for his “sense of humour”

His friend Tahir Malik misses him for ‘all the colours in life are lost after him.’

Arshad’s colleague Kashif Abbasi still “can’t believe” he has lost his friend. It’s beyond ‘heart-breaking” for him. 

Caretaker PM Kakar, in his meeting with Kenyan President Dr. William Ruto, when Kakar was in China last week, also asked for the process of investigation to be expedited.

Sharif’s wife has already registered a case against the Kenyan Police in a Nairobi court.