Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Qazi Faez Isa imposed a fine on a lawyer on Thursday for what he considered a clear wastage of the court’s valuable time. According to reports, the Chief Justice levied a penalty of Rs5,000 on the lawyer for consuming the court’s time during proceedings related to a property case.

Justice Isa pointed out that the attorney had failed to appropriately draw the court’s attention to pertinent documents, instead attempting to misguide the court. Expressing his disappointment with the petitioner’s legal representative, the Chief Justice remarked that their actions had undermined the court’s trust.

He addressed the lawyer directly, saying, “The court has lost faith in you with this act of yours”.


Chief Justice Isa further instructed the lawyer to donate the fine amount to a charity of their choice and provide the court with proof of the donation receipt. The case in question revolved around a property dispute, with court proceedings having extended over several weeks.