Yasir Hussain recently schooled a social media user over their comment regarding English language being a necessity, asking them to be proud of their language.

A social media user recently commented that though “Urdu is our language, English is the part of our education, and we need to learn English too instead of ignoring it.”

Responding to the comment, Yasir said: “Do you know anything about China? And Russia? And Spain? And the rest of Europe? They don’t speak English.”


Apni zabaan pe fakhar karo [Feel proud of your own language],” added the actor.

Later, sharing his response, Yasir further remarked: “Ziada door na bi jayen, humein Pathan bhai sekha dein gay zaban ko kesey own kiya jaata ai [You don’t have to look far. Our own Pathan brothers can teach us how to own your language].

Earlier, Yasir had said that “we have made Urdu a symbol of illiteracy,” and the “English language cool”. Sharing his thoughts on the Cannoli incident and the criticism the owners received for humiliating their manager, Yasir said: “[The] interesting fact is that owner of Cannoli made fun of their manager’s English and everyone (including my actor fraternity) raised their voice in English.”

Meanwhile, ever since the video of Cannoli owners mocking their manager went viral on social media several celebrities including Adnan Siddiqui and Sheryar Munwar have come forward to condemn the incident and slam the women for their distasteful comments and behaviour.