Pakistani actor Ainy Jaffri has talked openly about bad relationships, offering valuable advice to women. She said that it’s not a woman’s job to change a violent man. In a recent podcast, she talked about recognizing and leaving bad relationships quickly.

Ainy was clear about how serious abuse is in relationships. She said women shouldn’t have to put up with abuse or feel like they have to change their partner.
“If your husband, boyfriend, or anyone beats you, that’s it – it’s over. He won’t change.” She continued, “If he hit you before, he’ll do it again. And if he doesn’t, great, but it’s not your problem.”

Ainy emphasized that a problematic man is not like a woman’s child that she has to fix. “You have the right to marry someone who’s already good. You don’t need to be his mother. That was his mother’s job.”


She passionately stated that every woman deserves to marry a good partner.

As a public figure, Ainy’s honest talk about this issue helps raise awareness about healthy relationships. Her message reminds everyone that good relationships are built on trust, compassion, and shared responsibility.