Ahsan Mohsin Ikram, who has recently been criticised for his alleged relationship with Minal Khan and for posting loved-up pictures of the two, has reacted to the backlash by asking people to worry about “his/her own life instead of others”.

“Oh you who believe! Let not some people among you laugh at others, perhaps they may be better than them,” said the actor in a story posted to his Instagram.

He then went onto say: “Human beings tend to judge others. They describe differences and are quick look down and those who may be different from themselves. It is as though they think that they are so right and so special, that anyone who is not like them has something wrong with them. We may not admit this, even to ourselves judging others and mocking them, openly or covertly, that is probably the most behind our attitude.”


Ahsan then said that to “respect the differences is to respect the God who made us all so unique”.

“Each one of us is special the way we think, talk act or behave,” he asserted. “Diversity adds to the richness of the world.”

“Islam teaches us not to condemn others. Leave the judging to God. Worry about, and judge, only yourself,” he added.

He further explained his stance by quoting a Hadith.

“According to Hadith, fortunate is that person who is so busy with his own faults, that he has no time to think about the faults of others. Even if you see something we don’t like in someone, you may be guilty of the same thing, but are less likely to see in yourself.”

Concluding his comments, Ahsan said: “Also, there may be a lot good in the other person which you are not aware of. The fourth Imam (a) taught us to see every person we meet as better than ourselves.”

Fans, followers and social media users have criticised the alleged couple for sharing pictures of themselves in which they can be seen hugging one another. Netizens believe that the actors are giving out wrong message thorough their actions.

Former actor Noor Bukhari was among those who expressed her reservations over the alleged couple’s public display of affection.

In a post featuring the two, Bukhari commented: “I really [like] both the sisters. But if they are married, then being close and posting these pictures is fine.”

“But if not, they are misleading the youth by making it alright to post intimate pictures before marriage,” stated the actor, adding, “Or maybe they are nikaofied (married). Aur unke parents khush hain (And their parents are happy).”

Though Ahsan has turned off the comments on his post, the picture of the purported duo has gone viral on social media with people leaving hateful comments.