British-Pakistani journalist Reham Khan had the cutest disagreement on Twitter with her husband Mirza Bilal.
Reham posted a picture on X (formerly Twitter) with the caption “Guess who”.

In the picture it was written, “Whose mood improves with a book, a poem , a song or cup of coffee is not defeated by anyone: even life loses with her.”
Reham asked her followers to guess who the message was about, hinting at her husband, Bilal. This led to a fun chat between the couple.


In response to Reham’s post, her husband joked, “Hamara mood tou baghair poem k hi theek ho jata hei”, to which Reham jokingly asked, “What about the cigarette & gym?? Coffee bhi non stop”

Mirza Bilal replied, “Have to quit cigarettes. Twitter waley koi techniques bataein.”
Reham recommended self hypnosis. “The gums & patches can help some but it’s me only will power.”
Their conversation wasn’t just fun; it also sparked discussion on quitting smoking and the value of willpower.
Reham Khan and Mizra Bilal’s lighthearted conversation highlighted the transition to a healthy lifestyle while also providing us with a glimpse inside their life.