One of the best-known and most imitated monuments in the world— the Eiffel Tower— will shut down its lights earlier than usual due to the ongoing energy crisis in Europe.

The decision was announced by Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo. The government’s plan includes aiming to save 10 per cent of Paris’ energy consumption during winters. Not just the famed tower but all of the city’s municipal buildings will turn off their lights starting at 10pm. However, public lighting will remain switched on in the city for the safety of its citizens.

The earlier shutting off of the Eiffel Tower lights will begin on September 21. All lights will be switched off at 11:45pm when visiting time has ended.


It is pertinent to mention that the tower makes up about 4 per cent of the monument’s annual energy expenses.

Earlier, it was usually illuminated in golden hues within less than 10 minutes of nightfall and has an hourly 5-minute show of dazzling sparkles until 1am.

Other actions in the mayor’s plan include lowering temperatures in public buildings, reducing water temperature in swimming pools, and axing hot water in administrative buildings and some public buildings.

Europe’s energy crisis is one of the many setbacks of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. When the war broke out in Ukraine, European nations overwhelmingly supported the young country in its defense against Russian forces. But, historical reliance on Russian energy exports has left the continent reeling under rising energy costs.