The Ministry of IT and Telecom of the government responded to numerous reports and took decisive action against illegal loan apps, resulting in the banning of over 40 such applications. The severity of the issue prompted the ministry to intervene and curb the proliferation of these apps.

In a statement released on Monday, Federal Minister Aminul Haque directed the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), led by Chairman Major General Hafeez-ur Rehman, to promptly address the situation. As a result, 43 applications were immediately blocked in accordance with the ministry’s instructions.

Additionally, the PTA is collaborating with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP) to seek consultation and support in tackling this concerning matter.


Here’s the list of loan apps recently banned:

  • Superb Loans
  • Fair Loans
  • Plati Loans
  • UrCash
  • MyCash
  • Debit Campsite
  • Loan Credit Cash
  • Easy Mobile Loans
  • Fori Qarz Online Personal Loan
  • Easy Loans Credit Fast Pay
  • Little Cash- Mobile Loans
  • FinMore- Online Credit Loans
  • ZetaLoan- Easy Credit Wallet
  • Qarza Pocket -Personal Funds
  • Asaan Qarza- credit loans
  • Fast Loan
  • Harsha Tube – Quick Money
  • Loanclub
  • Tazza Centre – Get Money Soon
  • Aasan Lab – Easy Apply Money
  • CashCredit-Online Loan money bee
  • Galaxy Loan
  • TiCash
  • CashPro-Immediate Approval
  • Rose Cash – Loan Cash
  • HamdardLoan
  • Bee Cash
  • Yocash
  • Sallam Loan – Online Loan App
  • Whale
  • Zenn Park -Easy Instant Help
  • Get Welfare
  • LendHome
  • QuickCash
  • Mrloan
  • 567 Speed Loan
  • Rico Box – Easy Apply Online
  • Fori Instant Loans
  • 99 Fast Cash Loan
  • Apple Qist Qarz
  • BG Loan
  • Swift Loans