Advocate Mian Dawood—the lawyer of Naveed Meher who shot at Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan—said that the incident was all planned by the party itself.

Addressing a press conference on Thursday (today), the lawyer detailed claims about the incident at Wazirabad in which Khan survived an attempted assassination.

He rejected the Joint Investigation Report (JIT), saying it had “distorted the facts”. He also claimed that PTI worker Moazzam was killed by Imran’s own guard.


Long march mein jaan daalnay ke liye drama keeya gaya“, (It was all a drama to revive the long march.), Dawood claimed.

However, a day earlier, PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry, in a presser, said that the forensic test of Imran’s guards’ weapons established that none of them fired even a single shot.

He added that PTI worker Moazzam was killed by a bullet aimed at the detained shooter. “The assassin had to be killed on the spot but ill-fated Moazzam came in the way,” Chaudhry said.

However, talking to reporters today, Dawood refuted PTI’s claim saying that the video that showed Imran’s guard firing was not being made part of the case record.

He claimed that PTI knew about the guard shooting but they kept quiet because otherwise Khan and his guard would have to face murder charges.

“The purpose of the JIT was to save Imran and his guard. It was an attempt to waste evidence. And they did it. If we connect the dots, Imran’s guard is responsible,” he stated.

About Chaudhry’s press conference, Dawood raised a question about how the JIT report reached PTI before its submission to the court.

“JIT prepared the investigation report at Zaman Park after consultation with PTI lawyers,” alleged Mian Dawood.

“This clearly means that the report has no legal value. If PTI believes that the attack was genuine, then why are they running away from getting the FIR registered,” he questioned.

On the day of the incident, Naveed was arrested and instantly confessed to committing the crime.