Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has expelled a student in his final year allegedly on the basis of plagiarism and cheating.


Students strongly protested the expulsion, demanding a fair inquiry from the administration of the university. The hashtag ‘#InvestigateLUMS’ is trending all over social media to open a fair investigation.

Students claimed that the decision of expulsion was made because he was providing free tuition to other students.

Another user strongly criticised the disciplinary action against the student from the university by saying, “It’s usually the students coming from non-elite/financial aid backgrounds who are on the receiving end of insanely disproportionate punishments. The consequences have been fatal in the past.“

The Current confirmed with sources that the student was expelled on the basis of cheating and plagiarism which are serious offence under the University regulations while refuting the free tuition claims.

In reaction, students questioned the justification of the extreme punishment and legitimacy of the findings. Many students demanded that the decision be reversed by the university’s administration.