With Jerusalem under attack, people across the world are raising their voice against human rights violations by Israeli police against the people of Palestine. As per reports, at least 24 people were killed including 9 children in the recent air raids on Gaza.

Tensions escalated in Jerusalem, the occupied West Bank and Gaza throughout the month of Ramzan, amid growing anger about potential forced expulsions of Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah, on land claimed by illegal Jewish settler, Al Jazeera has reported.

Several Pakistani celebrities including Mahira Khan, Ahsan Khan, Maya Ali, Feroze Khan and Amir Khan have condemned the Israeli brutality in Palestine and called for the world to take action.


“Call it out. Call it what it is. Terrorism,” said Mahira Khan, adding Palestinian Lives Matter.

“The world is standing by and witnessing a massacre in the whole month of Ramzan in Jerusalem,” said Ahsan. “Allah will not forgive us if [we] remain silent.”

Internationally acclaimed boxing champion Amir Khan also stood in solidarity with the people of Palestine by putting up the flag of Palestine in his home in the United Kindgom (UK).

Praying for the people of Palestine, captain of the Pakistan cricket team Babar Azam said: “We just have to be human to stand up for humanity.”

Feroze Khan, Sami Khan and Muhammad Amir expressed their support by using trending hashtags to give more traction to the cause.


Neelum Muneer, Naimal Khawar, Ali Rehman Khan and Faysal Quraishi were also among those who condemned the violence in Palestine.

“Where is the justice?,” questioned Sheheryar Munawar.

Earlier, Asim Azhar, Shahid Afridi and Farhan Saeed also called out Israel for their atrocities against the people of Palestine.

Meanwhile, the Government of Pakistan and Prime Minister Imran Khan have also condemned the incident and have “reiterated their support for the Palestinian people.”