In a surprising encounter that’s got the internet buzzing, Pakistani actress Mahira Khan bumped into her doppelganger, Kurasah Anwer Sheikh, at the airport.

Photos of their meeting have spread like wildfire on social media, with many amazed by how much they resemble each other.
Kurasah Anwer, a social media influencer, shared the photo on Instagram, where she’s gained fame for her striking resemblance to Mahira Khan. She’s even recreated some of the superstar’s famous looks and photo shoots, leaving fans in awe.

The chance meeting at the airport seems to have been purely coincidental, with Krasa returning from a trip out west. They were seen side by side, with Mahira wearing a khaki shirt and trousers.


Kurasah’s post has garnered lots of attention, with screenshots of social media users reacting to her post, many calling them “twins” due to their striking similarity.