Mahira Khan has opened up on why she posts so many photos of her team, particularly her makeup artists, making us go ‘Awww’.

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Sharing pictures with her makeup artist Adnan Ansari, the Superstar actress wrote: “People always ask me why I post so many photos of my team, particularly my make up artists. Most of the time I don’t know how to answer that. Today as I write a post for Adnan, I thought I’d share this with all of you.”


“Adnan was an assistant makeup artist at Nabila’s when I was a VJ at MTV. We were all sent to Nabila’s for a makeover, I wasn’t ready to get anything done so I was assigned to Adnan. We sat there literally twiddling our thumbs. I remember laughing at everything he said. This was 2006/7,” said Mahira.

“15 years later and he is still my make up artist- well to the world at least,” she continued. “For me, he is so much more than that.”

“He’s my friend, my brother, my keeper of secrets…he knows when I’m upset and knows how to make me smile. He has seen me cry sneakily on set and held my hand through it. I have held him in my arms when he has broken down. We have laughed, cried, danced all night, ate like crazy, travelled the world… all of it.. together.. he is my family.”

The actor further said: “So to answer the question…is quite simple – I am, because of them.”

She also extended Ramzan greetings to the fans, saying “P.s. Sorry for the longish note, counting my blessings. Also Ramzan Mubarak to all.”