Mahira Khan, who is currently in quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19, has revealed how she has been keeping herself busy during this time.

“I have listened to old songs, read lots, written and written and written, watched some amazing films, smiled while thinking of life and cried too, lit candles and then re-lit some more every night,” shared the actor.

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She further said that she missed her son and loved ones dearly but “in my moments of pain and discomfort..I could only thank the universe for the life I have lived and continue to live. Every little thing – all the tender mercies and blessings.”

“Alhumdulillah,” added Mahira, before thanking her fans and followers for their birthday wishes once again.

Concluding her note, she said, “Here I am, sitting on top of a roof.. watching the sky in all its glory. Added Madam Noor Jehan’s Chaandni Raatein to it.”

“‘We only truly die when we are forgotten’ – She lives every day and forever,” wrote Mahira. Noor Jehan’s 20th death anniversary was observed on December 23.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Ali Butt shared a picture of himself with his grandmother on social media to remember her on her death anniversary.

“Always in our hearts,” wrote Ahmed in the caption.

Madam’s granddaughter, Natasha Ali Lakhani also gave tribute to her grandmother by dressing up like her in a white silk saree and similar makeup. She also shared a video of her mother and aunts talking about their late mother.