Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan addressed the nation on Thursday. During his live speech, the premier talked about the war on terror, criticised the Opposition, and the threatening memo.

In an apparent slip of the tongue during the live speech, he named the United States but quickly moved on and stated that “a foreign country” had sent a threatening memo, which was against the Pakistani nation.

During the live speech, the premier referred to himself about 143 times. This makes it three times on average per minute, reports Geo News.


His speech had repetitive references to the “Mai (me)”, Mujhe (me)”, “Meri (my)”, “Mera” (my), and “Imran Khan”.

The most used word PM Imran Khan used in his speech wasMai” (me), which was about 88 times.

The second most used word wasMujhe” (me), which was used 17 times.

The premier used his name “Imran Khan” about 14 times.

He usedmeri” (my) 13 times in the speech andmera” (my) about 11 times.