Israel has blocked the water supply of Palestinians stuck in Gaza since the launch of its military offensive against the strip. Reports by the UN have also affirmed that more than two million Palestinians do not have access to water.

Jameel al-Karoubi is the silver lining in these terrible times, a Palestinian who gets up before the crack of the dawn and takes his mule Almond to the streets of Gaza to provide people with water.

He says he has promised his friend Almond an extra sack of fodder on completion of the noble task and he has been fulfilling the promise ever since.


Before the war disrupted everything, Jameel was a vegetable vendor but for the last ten days, all he does is get two big tanks filled with water and take it to the destitute people of Gaza. He has been able to pull this off because of the well of natural water in his house which is proving extremely beneficial in the face of Israeli blockage of water lines to Gaza.

He refuses to take any money for his service. People in his neighbourhood consider him a Godsend for getting hold of water let alone drinkable water, a task close to impossible in Gaza right now. He also gives away all the extra fruit and vegetables that are grown in his garden.

Jameel wants to help people of other localities too but the destruction caused by the Israeli forces has hampered the roads and pathways to other parts of the city. Even though he is risking his life, he has the support of his family. They are proud of his contribution to help the besieged people.

Jameel is proof that humanity is very much alive in the hearts of the people even when there is no light in sight. He is determined to extend his support to all the needy.