A couple in India decided to end their life together by jumping in a river as they could not marry each other.

However, the man did not jump at the last minute while the woman had already jumped into the river.

They had both been in a relationship for almost seven years. The woman was married to someone else and has a daughter. She took her daughter to Pune and returned after some time, only to discover that the man — Chandu — had married in the interim. Chandu promised her that he will divorce his wife and get married to her.


However, due to many obstacles, they both decided to end their lives by committing suicide together.

The couple went to a river to commit suicide but the man did not jump. After finding out that the man did not jump, the woman decided not to die either and swam across the river. The police took her to the hospital.

According to the police, the man has been charged with attempted murder and damage to the mobile of the woman. An investigation is taking place now.