Nandan Kumar, a software engineer, hacked the website of an India airline — IndiGo — to search for his baggage after it was exchanged with some other passenger. He also tried to reach out to the airline’s customer service but they did not assist him properly.

Nandan Kumar was travelling on a domestic flight from Patna to Banglore on March 27 when his baggage was exchanged with another passenger’s luggage.

When his wife unpacked the luggage, he realised that his baggage was exchanged with another passenger.


Kumar also narrated the full incident on Twitter in which he revealed that IndiGo’s customer service refused to give personal details of another passenger due to privacy concerns.

According to Kumar, he was assured that they would contact him when they reach the other person. However, he did not receive any feedback from them.

On March 28, he decided to resolve the issue by himself in order to get the contact details of that passenger by using his Passenger Name Record written on his bag’s tag. However, his attempt did not succeed. After several failed attempts, Nandan Kumar decided to hack IndiGo’s website and successfully got the contact details of that person.

He contacted him and decided to meet at a certain location and there they exchanged their bags. He was also surprised by the whole incident. Later, Kumar also advised IndiGo to improve their security on the website to prevent hacking.