A resident of Lahore was fined for a traffic violation involving his motorcycle that had been stolen for atleast eight years.

The victim, Imran received an e-challan and discovered that his long-stolen bike was being used by police officers in the Sabzazar neighbourhood.

The individual filed a complaint with the Chief Civilian Personnel Officer (CCPO), requesting that his bike be returned to him from the cops who were using it.


In other news, the rate of street crimes in the provincial capital appears to have spiralled out of control, considering a report released in March.

As per police statistics, more than 300 incidences of robbery and theft were reported in the city over the last two days of February, while the month of March began with nearly 350 incidents in the provincial capital.

People lost millions of rupees in cash, gold jewellery, automobiles, and motorcycles in the first two months of 2022.

According to data, 209 robberies resulted in loot worth more than Rs10 million, with 59 incidences of motorcycle theft reported at the time.

E-challans declared illegal by LHC

E-challan is seen as an effective solution to reduce traffic violations and promote safe transportation, however, the system was recently pronounced “illegal” by the Lahore High Court (LHC).

On Wednesday, the LHC observed that the electronic challan (e-ticket) system was implemented without sufficient planning and instructed the authorities to address the matter. During the hearing, Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh asked the Punjab chief secretary to notify the chief minister of the lapse, who will take prompt action to correct the problem.

The judge made the remarks after hearing a plea from a transporter, who told the court that he was unaware of roughly 55 e-challans filed against him.