A man made a Guinness World Record for the maximum helicopter spins at the same time as skysurfing. His video has gone viral, reports ARY News.

Guinness’ website mentioned that KĒBĒ Keith Edward Snyder of the United States (US) attempted the record for the most helicopter spins while skysurfing on November 01, 2021, over the Pyramid, Egypt.

The official website of Guinness mentioned that the US national, KĒBĒ Keith Edward Snyder, attempted the unique record for the most helicopter spins while skysurfing on November 01, 2021.


This is not the first time for KĒBĒ to jump from a height of 13,500 feet, but this time he was focusing to set a world record. He attempted 160 spins to set the world record.

Synder said, “I would like to challenge what is now my own record. I’ve already gotten a little bit faster. But I’d like to bring that speed up in the mid-body. I’d also like to investigate a little bit of the physics of it.”

He said that he was widely inspired by the former skysurfing world Champion Rob Harris to set this milestone.

When he first saw Rob Harris, he said as stated on the Guinness website, “He was smiling and in the background, there’s a video of him skysurfing. He was spinning so incredibly fast and smooth.”


“What is that guy doing and what does he understand for him to be smiling? I wanted to understand that. And so my journey began.”

Since the clip was uploaded on YouTube, it gained more than 60,000 views and the numbers keep increasing. Netizens are praising the feat.