Police arrested a 31-year-old junior engineer for allegedly snatching the gold earrings of a woman in the Mansarovar Park area of India’s Delhi and selling them to bear the expenses for his birthday celebrations.

As per reports, a case was reported on Friday at Mansarovar Park police station regarding the snatching of gold earrings of a woman by a man riding a bike.

Police checked over 30 CCTV footages during the investigation and found out the escape route of the suspect.


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CCTV footage showed the suspect wearing a mask a senior police officer said, adding that there was no registration number on both the number plates of the bike.


On Sunday, police spotted a motorcycle of the same features with blank number plates and detained the suspect, Mohit Gautam, the officer said.

During interrogation, Gautam told that he snatched the gold earrings of the woman to celebrate his birthday on Sunday as he was running out of money, they said.

Gautam said he had sold the earrings to a goldsmith, who police say is on the run.