A man in his 40s allegedly stripped naked and walked around in an Egyptian village to win a bet from a friend, Gulf News reported.

The villagers tried to cover him up but the man refused to get covered, leading people to question his mentality and motives.

“Children gathered around him as he walked naked across the village. People thought he had been caught doing something immoral and had not enough time to put on his clothes,” Mohammed told Egyptian newspaper Al Watan.


“The scene was nauseating. He prevented anyone from covering him. He refused to put on any clothes,” added the witness.

Later, he received 25,000 Egyptian pounds from a person who had earlier made a bet with him. “He then sat down while still naked in front of his house, counting the money,” Mohammed said.

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“He is not a poor person,” Nabil Awwad, another local of the village, said. “The alleged offender owns a flock of sheep worth thousands of pounds,” he told Egyptian news portal Masrawy.

“What struck our attention was that whenever we tried to cover him with clothes, he took them off, insisting to continue walking naked,” Awwad added.

The act forced the village’s shocked women to stay indoors, the portal said.