A dead body of a man was found inside his home surrounded by 124 snakes in Maryland, United States (US).

According to the police, the deceased man had kept the snakes in a cage inside his home, some of which were venomous.

A neighbour reported to the police after he peeped into the house through a window to check on the man as he had not been seen by the neighbour for the whole day.


Police said that the cause of death has yet to be found and added, “No obvious signs of foul play have been found so far.”

“Inside the house, more than 100 venomous and non-venomous snakes of different varieties were discovered in tanks situated on racks,” said the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.

The man had kept snakes as pets, including pythons, rattlesnakes, cobras, and black mambas.

The police official further added, “Charles County Animal Control is coordinating rescue efforts relating to the reptiles with assistance from reptile experts from North Carolina and Virginia.”


The law of Maryland forbids people to keep snakes as pets in their residence.