Mariam Ansari gave an interview to BBC Urdu titled “How to deal with body shaming and negative comments during pregnancy” which featured interviews from several women on how they dealt with bullying during pregnancy.

The actress opened up about the backlash she recieved for her a pregnancy photoshoot. Ansari and her husband did a photoshoot to reveal the birth of their baby daughter Amaya Khan. Trolls then shamed her for openly displaying her baby bump. Mariam shut down the comments in a video clip posted on Instagram stories by expressing her outrage:

“It’s my profile; my choice. I’ve even had my child. It’s my choice whatever I post. If you don’t like it, you shouldn’t follow me. I don’t understand, since when is being pregnant some sort of badtameezi or behayai. You too were born just like this, so what?”


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Ansari told BBC Urdu the comments demoralised her:

“There are a lot of comments slamming me by saying this was western culture, to which I responded don’t Muslim women have felt like the happiest moment of my life was turned into something shameful.”

She eventually had to deactivate her Instagram account because of hateful comments she recieved.

“I broke down emotionally. I became very vulnerable,” the actress recalled.