Powerhouse Sajal Aly is an inspiration to many fans, not just for her performances but also for being remarkably level headed.

The actress recently gave an interview to Fuchsia Magazine at the launch event of Zard Patton Ka Bun. The conversation turned to society’s expectations, and Sajal did not hold back.


“Marriage is often pitched as the endgame for a woman in our society, but that’s not the truth. Marriage can be a beautiful and important part of a woman’s life, but it’s not the ultimate goal. What marriage should be is a support system, and that’s only possible if you find a supportive partner. A woman should always seek independence through education and never lose her sense of self.”

She also shared that, unlike her character Meenu, she never dreamed of becoming a doctor when she grew up. ‘I like always, connected deeply with the character of Meenu and loved being a part of a socially relevant show. Meenu’s story is so important, and I felt honored to bring it to life,” she remarked.

The toughest part of the show for her? Surprisingly, riding the bicycle. “The bike was too big and I fell down a few times. I was scared and hurt, but I didn’t give up,” she said.