Mashal Khan, popular for her roles in Suno Chanda and Thora Sa Haq, lashed out on a couple on social media for using a lion cub as a prop.

In a social media post, the actor remarked that she was disgusted by the actions of the couple.

“They do not exist to provide entertainment for sick, mentally inferior people like those in this picture,” Mashal commented.


In the next post, she highlighted how the lion cub looks agitated and slammed the groom for smiling despite the fact that the lion cub is feeling irritated.

The actor then appealed to her followers not to keep lions as pets. She explained how keeping them in captivity causes the animals great stress and affects their mental health which can also be dangerous for their owners.

Mashal is a vocal advocate of animal rights and has often voiced her concerns on social media. She even did a campaign with RPK Critter Care and Animal Hospital which is Karachi’s first ever fully equipped 24/7 animal hospital.