A new math theory has proposed that people should marry at the age of 26, as it is the best time for them to have a life partner.

 Tom Griffiths and Brian Christian wrote in their book, Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions, that the best age to find a life partner is 26.

The rule dictates that once you are 37 per cent of the way through completing something within a set timeframe, then you have reached the perfect point at which to decide.


If the average person is looking for their perfect match between the ages of 18-40, then 26 is the ideal age, because you are 37 per cent of the way through the 22 years.

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The theory states that if you are any younger or older than 26, you are going to debate and argue too much and it might not work out.

However, University of Utah sociologist Nicholas H. Wolfinger did not agree with this theory as he found out in July 2015 that the best age to get married to avoid divorce was 28-32.

According to a UK publication, the theory is not perfect because it does not really account for the fact that our tastes may change between the age of 18-40, and we may be looking for something different.