Model and actor Mathira recently criticized fellow actor and host Momin Saqib’s Instagram Stories, calling them “stupid” and worrying about how they might affect people dealing with mental health issues.

In an Instagram post, Mathira said, “I’m sorry but this is so stupid because there are so many people these days [who are] going through tough times, are suicidal and struggling with their mental health. Such videos sometimes break a person more than they make them. Everyone knows we shall all taste death. We need to teach people how they can walk through this rough life instead of just highlighting death.”


In Momin’s Instagram stories, he talked about death while walking through a graveyard. “This is tomorrow. This is the future. This is the only reality, the only certainty in life. This is the future for all of us,” he said. He goes on to add: “No matter what you do, how much money you make, how famous you get, this is the end. All your pride, any failure, any embarrassment in life, a moment of happiness, all of that will end when death comes.”

Momin wanted to remind people that everyone will pass away someday. But Mathira’s reply highlights the need for creators to think about how their content can impact people’s emotions, especially during tough times.