Actor-host Mathira took to her twitter handle to call out former PM Imran Khan for his sexist comments about the Vice President of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, Maryam Nawaz.

During his speech at the Multan jalsa, Mr Khan said: “Someone sent me a clip on social media of Maryam’s speech, somewhere. She took my name so many times and with so much passion, I want to tell her that Maryam, please be careful, your husband might get upset the way you call my name again and again.”

Earlier when Muhammad Faheem, a former employee of a private media news organisation, committed suicide after being fired from his job during Imran’s regime, Mathira termed Khan’s governance as a failure. As per reports, he committed suicide due to continuing financial problems.


She blamed the PTI government headlined by Khan for the economic turmoil in the country which is resulting in suicides due to unemployment.


The Blind Love diva followed her stance with another post stating that the current government has failed big time.