Maya Ali has shut down relationship scandals with co-actors.

Ali, who was recently seen with Bilal Ashraf on Time Out with Ahsan Khan opened up about her link ups with co-actors.

Upon being questioned about her pairing with Sheheryar Munawar, Ali said: “When I started my journey as an actor, everyone linked me with Osman Khalid Butt.”


“I think there’s a certain pairing that delivers a chemistry fans love or adore. Hence, they start to ship the two celebrities as couples,” said the actor.

The Mann Mayal actor further shared: “When we were at the premiere of Parey Hut Love, people called us a ‘Filmy Jodi’ which, for me, was a compliment. But this does not mean I will limit myself to only be seen with Sheheryar. From all the actors whom I have worked with, I absolutely adore Bilal Abbas.”

Adding onto the expectations of being an actor, Ali added, “People aren’t familiar with what goes on behind the scenes. I’ve come to the conclusion that these netizens are prepared to pen negative feedback, waiting for something to pick on.”

“I always tell people that we are public figures, not public property. Pick on our work! Be it negative or positive, we will happily entertain you. But judge till what we show you and not beyond the lines that are set for you to never cross,” said Ali.

The actor has recently made a comeback on our TV screens with Munawar in ARY Digital’s Pehli Si Muhabbat.

Meanwhile, when asked by Vasay Chaudhry onhis show Ghabrana Mana hai, that if he [Sheheryar] is single, the actor quickly replied, “Yes definitely I am single.. Alhamdulillah!”