Mayi Ri looks to be an exceptional project, with a strong female lead in which women empowerment and the importance of education for girls will be highlighted.
Aina Asif is a talented up-and-coming star who at a young age has already starred in dramas with big storylines.

We are brilliantly reintroduced to the frightening reality of child marriages in the recently released drama. ‘Mayi Ri’ urges us to consider the terrible effects of this deeply ingrained practice through its striking images and compelling storytelling.

This drama video bravely illuminates the mental, physical, and psychological hardships faced by kids forced into young adulthood who have to cope with an environment for which they are unprepared.

The drama aims to question the accepted beliefs about child marriage and highlight the value of empowerment, especially for young girls.
The Pakistani entertainment sector is a change catalyst because of its wide impact. It has the potential to increase public awareness of and motivate group initiatives to address problems like child marriage. “Mayi Ri” seeks to start a constructive society reform by bringing such issues to light.


The two actors appearing in the trailer are child actor Aina Asif and Samar Jaffri, a brand-new face in the industry. This will be his debut role. The rest of the cast consists of Nauman Ejaz, Haniya Ahmed, Maria Wasti, Rimha Ahmed, Saad Zameer Faridi, Sajida Syed, Paras Masroor, Amna Malik, Diya Mughal, Usman Mazhar, Faham Usman, Sameena Nazir, and Bisma Babar, among others.