Alishba Mohsin has made history by becoming the first Pakistani female apprentice jockey at the age of 18. She participated in the Imtiaz Memorial Cup in Lahore and got the sixth position.

Alishba was trained by Mohammad Kamal in the Imtiaz Memorial Cup race.

The race was won by Zaman Sahib during Sunday’s (October 10) Lahore Winter Meeting action at the Racecourse Club.



Lahore Race Club chairman, Makhdum Syed Ahmad Mahmud, lauded Alishba for her participation in the race and awarded her with a cash prize of Rs 30,000.

The guests and the members gave the young girl a standing ovation for her amazing strength and effort.

Alishba joined the Lahore Race Club at the age of 13. She had to stop her participation due to her studies. The young jockey later rejoined the Race Club after four years and now she plans to become a professional jockey.