Mehwish Hayat has hinted that she might be running for Prime Minister in 2028.

The actor who was recently voted the second sexiest woman in Pakistan took to Twitter to reject the title adding that “these sort of lists should now be confined to history.”

Mehwish asserted that people should be judged on “talent, on merit, on intellect, on wit…but not on physical attributes.”


Mehwish’s response was received with a lot of positivity by social media users. One user commented that this was “of the sexiest tweets I’ve read” adding that Mehwish for PMship in 2023.

To this Mehwish replied, “Not 2023 but 2028,” adding a LOL (Laugh out Loud).

When another user commented “Totally my next PM,” Mehwish remarked, “Make sure to vote for me in 2028 then.”