A recent episode of ‘Mujhay Pyaar Hua Tha’ is winning hearts across social media because it exemplifies that a real man is not someone who is quick to accuse his wife, but one who truly loves her and stands besides her in every situation.
If the last episode proved how Maheer and Saad were compatible with each other, then this episode made us swoon because it demonstrated how Saad will never hesitate to stand up to anyone who insults or attacks her with baseless allegations.
In this scene, when Areeb’s fiance stormed Maheer and Saad’s wedding and began degrading her with slurs and calling her ‘characterless’, Saad was quick to stand up for her and demand she leaves.

Twitter users are swooning at this display of protection and love how Saad will prove time and time again through his actions how much he adores Maheer.

Can men take notes on this!!


Other moments in the episode proved how Maheer is protected and loved by Saad at all costs and yes, we agree with the rest of Twitter that this type of chemistry hasn’t been displayed in television dramas.


What users are loving is how despite the fact that they’ve been married for a short time, Maheer and Saad are able to bond faster because they were friends before marrying.

“SaHeer will be one of the most beautiful ones because even though love is one sided but their is mutual trust & respect which actually builds the foundation of good relationship.I hope they always feel home,” one user wrote.

Whose cutting onions? Not us!

Users are especially in awe of the upcoming episode when Maheer is being insulted by the entire family, Saad assures her that he will never abandon her or regret standing next to her.