A four-year-old girl was killed in a cross-fire between a store guard and dacoits at a mini-mart near Landhi Manzil Pump in Karachi last night.

According to the closed-circuit television (CCTV), three robbers entered the store to rob it. The security guard retaliated with his firearm when three dacoits opened firing during an escape from the mart.

According to the police, the guard shot and injured one of the suspects, Pyar Ali, while two others fled from the crime scene. During the shoot-out, a minor girl was shot, who was passing by with her older brother on a motorbike.


The wounded girl was rushed to a nearby hospital but she was declared dead on arrival. Her brother is demanding justice from the government.


The body of the girl was transferred to Jinnah Hospital for her postmortem to investigate whether the victim was killed from a gunshot by the security guard or the robbers. The injured robber was also moved to a hospital.

Police arrested the injured suspect and also recovered weapons and Rs 50,000 cash from him.