A ‘missing’ man in Turkey accidentally joined a search mission to find himself, BBC reported.

A 50-year-old man from Bursa province went out to have drinks with his friends and soon after, he wandered into a forest in Inegöl in a drunk state.

Presumed missing after his family and friends could not contact him for several hours, they reported this to the local authorities who started a search operation to find him.  Interestingly, the intoxicated man joined the group of volunteers and began walking with them to search for himself.


When the search group started to call out his name, the man identified as Beyhan Mutlu replied: “I am here.” He was taken aside by the rescue workers to take his statement, where he reportedly told them: “Don’t punish me too harshly, officer. My father will kill me.”

The authorities prepared a report about the incident and later dropped him off at his home.

The incident went viral on social media and netizens started making memes on it.