A Pakistani model, Manal Saleem lashed out at Actor Sana Javed for being rude at a shoot. Manal took to her Instagram stories and requested all ‘clients’ not to work with the actresses or celebrities anymore. “With their self-entitled attitudes, they think we are ‘do takay ki model’, she said, adding that the actress had the audacity to say it to her face.

Model defended herself by saying, “Hum bhi kam krne atay hain, muft main zaleel honay nahi atay.”


Although she did not name the celebrity publicly on her own Instagram stories, she did repost stories with Sana’s name mentioned on them as the actress. Minal’s fans and other models and public figures also raised their voices in support of Minal.

Another model also shared her experience in Manal Saleem’s Instagram Direct Message (DM). Minal shared the screenshot of it as well on her story. The model said that she had a ‘horrible experience’ with Sana when she asked Sana to take a ‘boomerang for insta with her’. Sana responded by saying, “tum models fame ke liye kuch bhi kar sakti ho haan, act like you and me are friends?”.


Makeup Artist, Ikram Gohar has shown his support and shared his experience of rude behaviour shown by Sana. He said that Sana treated him like “a shit” and he wasn’t even allowed to use the bathroom in her home when he was doing her Nikkah makeup trial. He was told to go to the washroom at the restaurant next door. He also added that she was very nice to him, “like a very sweet person” when she wanted him to come in to do her makeup. Once he went in, he found that she was a “unprofessional and horrible” person and after not being allowed to use her bathroom after four hours, she called him and said, “you don’t know how to work and you don’t know how to do makeup”.

The Current reached out to Sana for a response to the allegations but she has not responded as of yet.