Famous actress and model Saheefa Jabbar Khattak has slammed Pakistani brands for delaying payments for their advertisement campaigns.

Taking to Instagram, Khattak wrote, “I’m fed up with these big brands and multi- billion-dollar companies. It’s a recurring nightmare, negotiate low payments, impose a ridiculous 90-120 day payment cycle and then, to top it off, delay payments while boasting about how much work they’ve given us. Enough! Paying for our services isn’t a favor; it’s a transaction. We’re not here to endure your payment delays – we’re the ones selling your brand. Cut the excuses and pay us for our craft.”

The model went on to stress that regardless of the amount, artists shouldn’t be obliged to justify their financial needs to the brand repeatedly. “What’s owed to me should be paid without constant explanations. It’s exhausting to keep reminding the team that I need my payment to maintain my financial cycle. As an artist, the repeated requests for my own payment feel utterly disrespectful.”


“I can’t fathom how these mediators, drawing their salaries from these brands, can be so rude. Phrases like “what’s the big deal, wait for the payment” or “we won’t work with you with this attitude” are unacceptable. Their repeated responses like “I’ve told you a hundred times, the purchase team is sorting this” showcase incompetence. Sir and Ma’am, you lack the ability to communicate with someone frustrated due to your own incompetence and shortcomings.”

Journalist and fashion model Minahil Rehman also shared a post on social media, writing, “Another day, another rant about non-payments and it makes me wonder when it’ll ever end?”

“Saheefa Jabbar Khattak rants about brands that wrap up campaigns and then consistently delay payments and are rude with models who are only left with no choice but to ask for payment that is rightfully their’s! Unprofessionalism can lead to the ruin of an industry and it doesn’t look like things are getting any better in Pakistan.”