Actor Momal Sheikh recently made an appearance on The Talk Talk Show hosted by Hassan Choudary, where she shared her thoughts on Behroze Sabzwari’s claim that ladies shouldn’t wear tight clothing while traveling on bikes.

The Daraar star said, “it is his point of view, maybe it was something he observed while he was coming to the interview and he expressed his thoughts, Maybe it was something that stuck in his mind and he wanted to talk about it, whenever we come to the show we don’t talk the scripted things, we speak our heart out, so I can give him the benefit of doubt, maybe it was something disturbing him, hence he said it, so people should move on and let it go, and if anything needs to be requested, it should come from Behroze Sabzwari rather than me.”

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On being asked about the public’s perception of her clothing, Sheikh replied she couldn’t influence anyone’s opinions or change their minds, so she should just let it be and do whatever she wanted. In the end, the public makes you famous.


Last year she stated in another interview that she is not afraid of her father (Javed Sheikh) but she is scared of her brother Shahzad Sheikh.

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“I’m not scared of my father but I am scared of Shahzad,” said Momal while talking to Momina on her show Momina Mixed Plate.

She said that he is a little bossy and asks questions. “Even coming to this field, he said that tumhara kya kaam hai? Tum ne kyun karna hai?

While talking about his protective behaviour, she further elaborated: “It’s just that he is a little protective to her little sister, not that he really don’t want me to work, of course, it’s not that. Uska ek roub hai, bharam hai like I want her to be under me, and islie bhi kyunkay mein argue bhi bohat karti houn.”

She said, “Sometimes I say that to him If I were your elder sister then you would see.”

Last year the Happy Bhaag Jayegi diva appreciated her cousin Shahroz Sabzwari and Syra Yousuf for handling social media scrutiny post their split, “The way Shahroz and Saira handled all the criticism was the best thing and that’s the way it should be. People always talk about something, they used to talk before and they will continue to talk no matter what.”

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“My personal statement on their separation is that they are two individual and mature adults, they know what is good for them. Saira and Shahroz are two beautiful and kind hearted people”, she added.