Hit Spanish TV series La Casa de Papel, popularly known as Money Heist is very popular all over the world as it released its fourth season earlier this month. The show is also a big hit among Pakistani audiences.

One thing that made Pakistani fans more involved in the show were the inclusions of two Pakistani characters – a surgeon and a hacker. Shakir, who plays the hacker is actually from India. He was cast in the show as someone who helped the Professor and his team of robbers in robbing the Bank of Spain.

In a recent interview, the actor, Ajay Jethi, shared how he landed the role of Shakir.


“When I got a call for Money Heist, it was like any other project for me, a new project for me. The manager told me it is a big project and the series is famous on Netflix,” Jethi said. “But, I had not seen the series till then as I was occupied with other things. I did not give any auditions because I had worked a lot with the casting director on many projects before.”

Though Ajay is from Patiala, India, has is currently living in Spain.