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Located behind Khaadi on MM Alam Road, Moocs is the latest addition to the Lahore food scene but not exactly a promising one, given that there was only one other party along with me, that too on a Saturday night.

Rewind a few weeks and Moocs was all over our Instagram after it had a grand opening with Lahore’s socialites in attendance. A couple of weeks later, the hype seemed to have completely died down.

Nonetheless given how much I like to try out new places, I decided to check out Moocs. After all, the name was kinda catchy.

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Moocs has a standard menu: pizza, burgers, Chicken Parmesan, Polo Chicken, Stuffed Chicken, etc – you know pretty much the same things you’ve tried a million times before.

We decided to start our dinner with Pizza Fries from their ‘Starters Menu.’ The fries came in a skillet topped with cheese, sauce and jalapenos. The overall taste of the dish was pretty decent while the fries themselves were nice and crispy. But to be very honest, I’ve had better. Like for example, have you tried the Alfredo Fries at Urban Kitchen? Now those are divine.

From the main course, we tried their Chef’s Special Stuffed Chicken and Muslo De Pavo Burger. Both the items were very typical. The Chef’s Special Stuffed Chicken was not all that special – the flavour wasn’t strong enough and fettuccini pasta was on the bland side. The sauce, meanwhile, was tasty but given the extravagant price, I’m not sure if it was worth it.

Meanwhile, the Muslo De Pavo Burger tasted just like Jalal Son’s Crispy Chicken Burger but at double the price. Plus the bun wasn’t good because it was so crumbly. The thigh fillet had a thick layer of batter which though made it very crunchy, made it impossible to taste the chicken within.

The dessert was probably the best thing we ate that night. We ordered their Cookie Pudding on our waiter’s recommendation and it was differently delicious. Loved the mix of pudding, cookie dough and ice-cream.

While the food was somewhat passable, and ambiance on the cosy side (great for winters) the bill certainly wasn’t. For one starter, two main dishes and one dessert, our total bill amounted to a little more than Rs 5000/- which is definitely a hefty amount to pay, especially in such trying financial times.

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My overall experience at Moocs was average so I don’t think I’ll be venturing there again.

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