Motaz Azaiza, the photojournalist called “The Eye of Gaza”, has evacuated the besieged strip after showing the world the reality of living in Palestine. He has landed in Qatar and has kickstarted the mission of taking the cause of advocating for the plight of Palestineans forward by participating in talk shows for Al-Jazeera. His absence on ground is missed.

There are plenty of journalists on ground who are risking their lives to show the world the war crimes being committed by Israeli forces and the genocide of poor Gazans.

Bisan is the leading journalist after Motaz. She is working with leading news portals and has shown daily life in Gaza since October 7. In her own words, she has been displaced more than thrice in the course of the last 100 days but is determined to keep documenting the genocide that is taking place in Gaza.


Hind Khoudary, a reporter who has worked closely with Motaz and is still in Gaza, is taking refuge in Motaz’s home reporting the havoc inflicted upon Gaza by Israel.

Hamdan Dahdouh is also one such journalist who is directly reporting from the ground showing through his camera lens what the seige has done.

Roba Khaled is a TRT Arabi journalist and has been reporting from the ground while being a mother to an ailing daughter.

Motasem Mortaja is a journalist working for different platforms and his Instagram account is a video library of the more than 100 days of war in Gaza.

Saleh Aljafarawi is a young content creator and influencer from Gaza who is showing the world the horrors of war.

Ali Jadallah is an award-winning photojournalist capturing raw emotions from the strip.

Wael abo Omar is another journalist now sick with a cold, but not letting the mission of informing the world slip until he is alive.

Belal Khaled has been reporting from day one and documenting the genocide up close.